Medirite Immune Defence Combo Powder 150g

Brand: Medirite  Price: R149,99 Buy: BUY NOW     Keep your immune system strong and healthy with this effective immune defence combo powder. This combo powder contains your daily dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and zinc to support and boost your immune system. Immune Defence is a pleasant-tasting orange-flavoured powder that dissolves in water.  It contains your daily dosage of Vitamin C 1000mg + Vitamin D 1000iu + Zinc 25mg that supports the immune system.

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Medirite Multivitamin A-Z 30’s Tabs

Brand: Medirite  Price: R114,99     Feel good with this multi-nutrient supplement that contains all of the key vitamins and minerals you need to maintain overall health and well-being. It is great for maintaining your physical and mental health. Multivitamin supplements support good health and replenishes micronutrients that may be deficient in your diet.   This product contains all the essential Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants to restore nutrient deficiencies  

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Medirite Gummies Vit D3 60’s

Brand: Medirite  Price: R89,99   Get your daily dose of vitamin D3 with these gelatine-free gummies. They are a great way to support your immune system and strengthen your bones and teeth for overall health. Vitamin D supports the immune system, gut health and bone health. Get your daily dose with these great tasting gelatine-free Gummies containing 800IU (international units) of Vitamin D suitable for adults & children. As the product is made with Pectin, a plant-based gelling agent, this product is suitable for vegans.

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Medirite Magnesium High Potency 250mg Powder 150g tub

Brand: Medirite  Price: R159,99     A high-strength magnesium powder that contains 150 mg per serving. With numerous health benefits, it is best consumed with water after a meal. Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports mineral balance, bone health, gut health, energy production (which reduces tiredness and fatigue) and helps to relieve muscle cramps.  It’s a common deficiency in active adults.   Medirite Magnesium powder is a high potency formulation that contains 250mg of elemental Magnesium per scoop. It’s in a pleasant tasting orange powder that dissolves in water. 

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Medirite Flu Fizzy C Adult 12’s

Brand: Medirite  Price: R64,99     Give your body a vitamin C boost while relieving the annoying symptoms of a cold or flu. This 12-pack is sure to be your go-to during the flu season. Flu Fizzy is specially formulated with herbs (Quercetin, Pelargonium and Ivy leaf extract) that will help to alleviate the symptoms associated with coughs and colds. It also contains MSM, which is naturally anti-inflammatory and packed with Vitamin C & Zinc to boost the immune response.

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Medirite Dynadol Blister 20 Tabs

Brand: Medirite  Price: R19,99     Quickly and effectively alleviate mild to moderate pain and fever. This fast-acting painkiller that contains paracetamol, assists in easing pain and discomfort. Dynadol is a registered Paracetamol 500mg tablet that helps to alleviate fever and pain in adults, commonly associated with colds and flus. This generic product is of the highest quality for our customers.  

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