Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Uncover the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of Service Insider.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Uncover the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of Service Insider.

Service Insider is a platform where influential people experience all things service-related, in exchange for real conversations and opinions. At Service Insider, we’re all about taking your influence to the next level. We are the platform that connects you with service brands, giving you the chance to experience services in exchange for your social media experiences & opinions. We know you love working with your favourite services, & we’re here to help make it happen. CLICK HERE to learn more about us.

  • Experience services in exchange for your social media posts & opinions.
  • Be introduced to new service brands that you may not have experienced before. 
  • Grow your own social media presence & make new connections with other like-minded influencer audiences & networks. 
  • Get new audiences to engage with your content, including our very own audience!
  • Grow your personal service & brand portfolio by creating on-trend content for services that you love, while expanding your brand partnership experience.  
  • Learn new, on-trend social media & content creation skills that we’ve learnt along the way & that brands are always on the lookout for. 
  • Get ongoing support from our internal community management team as they guide you for each project!
  • Discover valuable insights from other Insiders on services that interest you.
  • Get involved in exciting giveaways and fun online challenges!

We do trade exchanges, which means that we do not do paid partnerships. We’re all about creating authentic communities where Insiders get to experience services and use storytelling to share conversations. We are always impartial & help drive, curate & support the conversations, but the real influence comes from YOU, our Insiders, & our community of followers who get involved. We send our Insiders products/services & you create real social content that is relatable to you & your followers. For some projects, there will also be extra incentives to motivate you & inspire you to take your content to the next level.

We call our influencers ‘Insiders’ because that’s exactly what you are – an insider who has influence in YOUR community. This means that you don’t have to be a famous influencer with 1 million followers, instead – we want influential, authentic people, like you, who are true believers in the services that you want to connect with. 

Each service project will have different requirements & a specific platform where you will be posting. Most projects will be on Instagram or TikTok, but there may be some on Twitter and Facebook. Bonus points if you’re active on multiple platforms! You should have a minimum of 1000 followers on the platform for the specific project. 

We cover all things service-related, including travel, dining, tech, media, banking, insurance, & many more. We always have new projects lined up & we’re continuously working towards bringing you the latest & greatest in services. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter so you can get updates on new projects where you can get invited, get connected & stay up to date. 

We always have multiple projects running & ensure that Insiders are participating in no more than 2 projects at a time, to give many people a chance to participate & give their full attention to the service they’re experiencing.

Once a project goes live, it will run for around 3-5 weeks, depending on the number of posts for that project. 

You can apply to any & all projects that you relate to. Even if you’ve worked with us in the past, as long as you’re a PERFECT match for the project – you’ll have the chance to be selected! Check out the questions below to see how we select Insiders for projects & how you can increase your chances of being selected.  

  1. As a new service project opens, we alert our entire community, inviting everyone to apply for the opportunity to be selected. This invite will give you some details on the project & service and will include a few things that we will look for when selecting Insiders. This invite will be sent out through our website, social media pages & via our newsletter which all link to a dedicated project survey. 
  2. Each project survey will have quite a lot of questions, but it helps us get to know you better & see if you are the right fit for the specific project. It’ll take you around 5 minutes so please make sure you have the time to complete it. 
  3. Our internal team of community managers will go through all the survey responses & match the right Insiders for each project. Some of the things we’ll look out for when selecting include: your followers, your relevance to the brand/project, your knowledge of the service, how often you post, the engagement on your posts, your content creation skills & more. 
  4. We will then confirm the Insiders for the specific project & will add you to various communication channels to kickstart the project, connecting you with the other selected like-minded Insiders. 
  1. The Insiders for each project will be carefully chosen according to various brand briefs & requirements, for each and every project. Our advice is to apply to projects that you genuinely relate to. It’s all about what your followers know & trust YOU for!

    Here are a few tips on how you can better your chances of being selected for a project: 


    • Your page should be all about YOU & help us get to know YOU as a person, showing what you & your followers relate to! We know you’ve got influence with your followers, so we want to see YOUR authentic voice. 
    • Your page (that’s YOU) should be the right fit for the project you’re applying to & the brand should fit into your life & the content you usually post (Eg: if you’re a foodie who’s always sharing delicious recipes, then you’ll be a great fit for a food project, but maybe not for a makeup or skincare project)
    • You don’t just work with ALL brands, but only work with brands that are relatable & true to YOU & your followers, where you are a natural & real promoter of the brand!


    • Private vs Public: Your account should be public so brands can access your content & so we can discover more about you. 
    • Followers: 1000+ relevant followers per platform (Most projects will be on Instagram or TikTok).  
    • You regularly post to your audience, sharing what is valuable to you & them, & sharing authentic content that they relate to & want to see from you.  
    • You know how to be a storyteller & you use on-trend creative skills to post high-quality stills, videos, reels, stories etc, on Instagram and/or Tiktok. 
    • You get real & relevant engagement from your followers (not bots). This means that the comments, likes & shares are genuinely referring to the conversation you are talking about or promoting, not just thousands of likes & views with no authentic engagement from your followers. You should also delete spam & preferably not turn off likes & comments on posts, especially brand partnership posts. 



    • We don’t find you, you find us & want to apply to talk about a specific service! You’re happy to do this as an exchange because you feel you are a true promoter & want to share your true experience with your followers.
    • We’re trying to find out who YOU are, so we use surveys to dig a little deeper and select the most aligned & targeted people for the service project, so make sure that you answer honestly with your true opinions! We know surveys can be a bit long, but they really help us learn more about YOU, & they only take around 5 minutes to complete!
    • Make sure that you answer every single question in the survey & that you click ‘submit’. 


    • If you get selected to be part of a project, we’ll let you know via email or DM (don’t forget to check your spam folder). We then add you to our communication channels & connect you with other selected like-minded insiders. 
    • If we don’t select you, it doesn’t mean you’re not the right fit for every project – it just means you might be perfect for another project so keep applying to projects that interest you! Please also remember that there are limited spots to fill, depending on the size of the project (ranging from 100 – 1000 Insiders per project). 
    • Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter (link in bio) so you can get notified about all our latest projects where you can apply, follow & win. 
  1. We send a second survey to the selected Insiders taking part in the project which confirms that you agree to our T’s & C’s, and gives us a few important details like your delivery address & contact details for the next steps, like sending you the product/service exchange. This personal information is never shared & stays with us.
  2. Next, you will be added to communication channels so that you can connect with the other selected like-minded insiders & so that we can stay in touch throughout the project. 
  3. You will receive guidelines with everything you need to know about the project, and what we expect from your posts. 
  4. Finally, show us what you’ve got, put your best content creation foot forward and post about the services you’re experiencing, adding your own personal creative spin on it! Remember we’ll be there to guide you all the way! 

Insiders are selected based on a set of brand specifications for each service project. We are only able to select a limited number of Insiders per project, so if you were not selected it means that you’re not an exact match for that specific project or service, & could be more suited to other projects with services that YOU authentically relate to. Check out the questions above to see how we select Insiders for projects & how you can increase your chances of being selected.  

We know that you applied to the project because you genuinely relate to the service! So if you’re looking for the inside scoop on the service, the verdict, or if you want to get involved by entering fun giveaways then FOLLOW the live project using the project hashtag. Simply click on the hashtag and click ‘follow’ to stay in the know. 

Discover your next must-try service! Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect meal delivery app, exploring the latest tech innovations, or seeking out the trendiest subscription services, our Insiders have got it covered. Follow our Insiders as they put services to the test, so you don’t have to. Follow a project, hear honest opinions, and engage in their conversations. You can also get the full scoop through our project wrap up posts, which have in-depth info on the project. 

Connect with our vibrant Insider communities on all your favourite platforms so you can stay up to date with the inside scoop on services & our latest project updates. Join the conversation, engage with like-minded individuals, & explore our social pages below to connect & share your experiences with us.

An E-vent is an impactful digital event happening over a limited time, usually on a weekend between 9 am – 5 pm depending on the project. This one-day streamlined online event involves the selected Insiders for the project, all posting on one day to create those viral conversations about the service. Insiders engage with each other, followers, and like-minded friends to create massive hype. This is a fun one because your followers can also get involved and stand a chance to win awesome prizes! 

  • Go to the REVIEW HUB page on our site
  • Log in & create an account on the REVIEW HUB page
  • Search for the product your want to write a review on 
  • Rate the product, leave your review, and upload your product videos and images

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We’re sad to see you go, but you know where to find us if you want to join projects and experience the latest services!

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We are compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), please CLICK HERE to read our privacy policy which explains how we collect, store and manage your information.

If any job opportunities do become available, they can be found here on our LinkedIn Profile.

Be the first to know about our latest projects through our newsletter

Be the first to know about our
latest projects through our newsletter