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What would you do if you had access to extra funds? We’ve recruited 150 Savvy Storytellers to educate on Personal Finance and Capfin’s loan process, sharing real testimonials and relatable stories, about the doors extra funds could open or have opened. They’ll inspire others to make smart, life-changing financial choices and introduce Capfin’s Financial TikTok Series. Follow the #GetPersonalWithCapfin hashtag on TikTok to join the conversation!


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✅ Share what they would achieve if they had access to extra funds.(📌 4 – 14 July 📌)

✅ Introduce Capfin’s Financial TikTok Series and the loan process, while also sharing real testimonials and Google reviews of others who have turned their dreams into reality. (📌 15 – 25 July 📌) 


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Capfin offers easy to manage loans of up to R50 000 with 6, 12 or 24-month repayment terms.